A batter doesn’t step up to home plate hoping to strike out. 

Nor did you go to your client with new ideas and hope to hear ‘NO’.

But, just because you didn’t hit a homerun, doesn’t mean you struck-out. 


You likely know your client’s business better than anyone. As their financial professional and trusted advisor you have a unique view of your client’s’ situation

You know their financials, and their pain points. That’s why you went to your client with ideas about additional ways you could help your client, whether it was: cash flow forecasting, quicker invoicing, improving data and collection terms. 

Maybe you saw an opportunity for cutting areas of overspending, implementing budgets and strategic plans or implementing savings plans for taxes.

At the end of the day, you went to your client with the aim of helping them improve their business. 

Even if your ideas were well thought out, well presented and tailored to your client (check out our 5-Step framework), you are going to hear ‘no’ from time to time – and that’s okay!

If you walked through our framework, or even if you didn’t, ‘no’ definitely wasn’t the response you were hoping for. But hearing no is okay. As practitioners that work with numbers and a degree of “certainty” we can sometimes get really caught up in being “right” all the time and because of that we can get really hung up on hearing ‘no’. 

“No” from your client doesn’t mean you are wrong.  It just means that it might not be the right time, or the right fit from the clients’ perspective at this point in time

Don’t get discouraged!

Keep the ideas flowing, and the conversations going, and you will win your clients over much more often than not. 

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