Cash Flow Advisory Lite

Discover a step-by-step training for learning short-term cash flow forecasting and building the foundations of your Cash Flow Advisory offering.

Have your clients ever asked you questions like:

“Can I afford to hire a new team member next month?”

“Can you help me create a budget so I know what to spend on different things?”

“If we don’t win this big piece of work, will we have enough cash to make payroll?”

If you answered yes to any – or all – of the above, then your client’s all need the same thing:

Short-term Cash Flow Forecasting & Planning

Maybe cash flow forecasting is something you’ve tried in the past using spreadsheets, or clunky, outdated software.

Maybe you have experience with longer-term forecasting, or using an accrual-based forecasting tool, but your clients need something that’s more granular and grounded in the near-term.

That’s where short-term cash flow forecasting can help.

Forecasting helps your clients make better business decisions in the short-term leading to huge compounding impacts in the long-term.

But, trying to jump into short-term cash flow forecasting without a clear process for: 

– Managing and collecting bookkeeping data

– Quickly creating and updating your forecasts

– Pricing, delivering, and communicating your forecasts

Will lead to hours of wasted time and diminish the value of your service for you and your clients.

That's why we created Cash Flow Advisory Lite

What is it?

A self-paced course where you’ll learn the process of short-term cash flow forecasting and how to start to build a Cash Flow Advisory offering. It’s the entry-level course for people who want to get started with cash flow forecasting but don’t know where or how to begin.

Who is it for?

Accountants, tax preparers, business advisors and bookkeepers that want to help their clients make important business decisions. It’s best suited for people with some previous cash flow forecasting experience that won’t need much additional coaching & support. 

When does it start?

The course is open all-year-round and is completely self-paced. It normally takes people 3-5 hours to complete the course and 2-4 weeks to start delivering their first forecasts to their clients. Once you sign up you’ll get access to all of the course training materials instantly.

Hi, I’m Kelvin Gieck, CFA 👋

After holding several CFO level positions with small, private oil, gas, and energy-related entities, I set up Twenty Eighty, a top cloud accounting firm in Western Canada, specialising in part-time controller and fractional CFO services.

After months of wasting hours pulling together manual spreadsheets, I realised there was a gap in the market for a quick and simple short-term cash flow forecasting tool that allowed me to help my clients to make those all-important business decisions – and so Helm was born.

This self-paced course was designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to be able to take Helm and build, scale, and deliver a high-fee, high-value cash flow advisory service that makes you indispensable to your clients. It’s the exact playbook I’ve been using in my own firm and I’m sharing it with you here.

Learn how to deliver short-term cash flow forecasting as a service

You’ll work through a step-by-step methodology from preparing the forecast to pricing the service. It’s the exact methodology I’ve refined in my own firm over the years.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✅ What cash flow forecasting is and who you can offer it to
Learn the difference between short-term cash flow forecasting and other types of forecasting, as well as simple tips for identifying which clients you can offer it to.

✅ What systems and processes a business needs in place to cash flow forecast
Cash flow forecasting can only be done properly with good data coming in. Learn the systems, processes and tech you need to streamline your client’s financial data ready for a forecast.

✅ How to actually create a proper short-term cash flow forecast
Discover the process for creating a short-term cash flow forecast. We’ll teach you the fundamentals as well as how to do it quickly and easily using Helm.

✅ How to converse with clients about your forecast in cash flow conversations
Once you’ve got your forecast, you need to deliver it in a way that your clients understand. We’ll teach you how to relay the forecast, insights, and actions in a way that makes complete senses to them.

✅ How to price cash flow forecasting services based on value, not time
Cash flow forecasting not only delivers huge value for your clients, but also for your business. Learn how to value-price your forecasts and earn at least $500 per month, per client.

How does the course get you results?

This course is a do-it-yourself training where you’ll learn the exact process for delivering short-term forecasts. Here’s how it will help you to get results.

Resources & handouts

As well as the training, there are also other resources & handouts to help you implement everything that you’re learning on the course.

Process templates

You’ll get access to process templates – based on the Helm Framework – to help you map out how cash flow forecasting services will work in your firm, for your clients.

Self-paced training

All of the training videos are completely self-paced, giving you a theory, knowledge, and practical tools for implementation that you can work through at your own speed.

Sign up to Cash Flow Advisory LITE today

Some of our current and past members are currently selling Cash Flow Advisory services for at least $500 per month, per client, with the majority of them managing these services for anywhere from 3-10 clients at a time.

Here’s everything you’ll get:

A proven playbook for generating anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month in cash flow advisory and outsourced controller services
On-demand education and training you and your team can access at any time to increase your cash flow advisory knowledge
Process templates, resources, and handouts to help you implement what you learn during the course

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is self-paced and typically takes 3-5 hours to complete.

Yes. Unlimited access to the course content after purchase.

This course is built on a proven playbook from delivering cash flow advisory services in my own firm. Everything I’m sharing with you has been proven to work in the real world.

Yes. The concepts apply to professionals around the world.